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welcome to kiddywampus

Founded in 2006, kiddywampus is an interactive, inspiring shop and art studio. Created by a lawyer and mother of three, kiddywampus aims to provide a selection of the most unique toys, books, and accessories for arty, curious kids.  kiddywampus is also a popular birthday party destination and has a walk-in art studio.

Upcoming Events
private event
Sun, Nov 19th, @10:30am - 12:00PM
kiddyrock private party
Sun, Nov 19th, @1:00pm - 02:30PM
private event
Sun, Nov 19th, @3:30pm - 05:00PM
Mon, Nov 20th, @12:00pm - 12:00AM
kiddyspanish Fall Session 2
Tue, Nov 21st, @10:15am - 11:00AM
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thu, Nov 23rd
Musical Storytime with MacPhail
Fri, Nov 24th, @9:30am - 10:00AM
Music for Families II with MacPhail
Fri, Nov 24th, @10:15am - 11:15AM
Old Fashioned Holiday
Sat, Nov 25th, @1:00am - 05:00AM
no parties today
Sun, Nov 26th, @10:00am - 05:00PM