Princess Party


Our princess parties are sparkly fun for all -- and now you can invite your favorite princess to enjoy the fun with you!  Choose from Ariel, Belle or Elena.  We'll enjoy a princessy meet & greet, make our very own tiaras, decorate jewelry boxes (boys can make a treasure chest if they like), and have plenty of time for pictures together.  Feel free to dress up -- we use washable tempera paint and paint shirts for any messy bits.
Note:  Boys (Knights!) are always welcome at a kiddywampus princess party!
What's included: Our themed birthday parties are fully staffed from the moment you pull your car up to our store to the time you drive away at the end.  We help you unload and setup, run the entire party including projects & activities, help serve the food, pack it all up at the end and make sure you're able to enjoy the event!
Times: 10:30-Noon, 1:00-2:30, 3:30-5:00 on Saturdays
Cost:   $329 for 10 kids (plus the birthday child), additional guests are $10/child
Party Length: 90 minutes
Ages: 4-8
Dropoff: Allowed for children aged 4+ years
Maximum:  15 kids ($25 per child over 15 kids)
Not included: kiddywampus does not provide any food, cake, beverages, or paper products; you may bring in whatever food and beverage you want to serve (no alcohol is permitted) along with the paperware.  Treat bags are not included in the party price but may be added on for the price of the products in the treat bag (we'll make them look cute at no extra charge!).
How to book: Call kiddywampus at 952.926.7871 to book your party.  Check out our events calendar here for general availability; kiddywampus will verify date and time availability at the time of booking.  A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to book the space and you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of the booking.