Kiddy Parties

Note:  please contact us 60-90 days before your child's birthday. 
       Party Room (as set up for Action Jackson party)
      NOTE:  In February 2020, kiddywampus will be expanding an additional 2,000 sf!  We will remain open during the expansion,
but from February 8 - March 31, our party space will be closed for construction.
What's included: Our themed birthday parties are fully staffed from the moment you pull your car up to our store to the time you drive away at the end.  We help you unload and setup, run the entire party including projects & activities, help serve the food, pack it all up at the end and make sure you're able to enjoy the event!
Times:   Saturdays:  9:30-11, noon-1:30, 2:30-4 or 5-6:30  Sundays:  noon-1:30 or 2:30-4pm
Cost:   $329 for 10 kids (plus the birthday child), additional guests are $10/child up to a final count of 15 kids; kid guests over 15 kids are $25/child
Party Length: 90 minutes
Ages:  our parties vary by age -- each party lists the minimum age 
Dropoff: Allowed for children aged 4+ years.  No exceptions are able to be made; if the party guest is under the age of 4, a parent or caregiver must remain in the store during the party.
Not included: kiddywampus does not provide any food, cake, beverages, or paper products; you may bring in whatever food and beverage you want to serve (no alcohol is permitted) along with the paperware.  Treat bags are not included in the party price but may be added on for the price of the products in the treat bag (we'll make them look cute at no extra charge!).
How to book: Call kiddywampus at 952.926.7871 to book your party.  Check out our events calendar here for general availability; kiddywampus will verify date and time availability at the time of booking.  A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to book the space and you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of the booking.
Allergies:  kiddywampus is a public space (much like the library or a shopping mall).  Although we do not serve food, the birthday families bring food to serve to the guests.  We do not check any food brought into the space for allergens.  If your child has allergies, please let us know that at the time of booking so we are aware of the situation.  We want every guest to feel welcome and safe!
Guests with Allergies:  if your child has been prescribed an epi pen by a doctor, we require that an epi pen be left at drop off (it should be labeled with the child's name and given directly to the kiddywampus party host) or that a caregiver stay at the party (you can hang out in the viewing area).  Birthday parties are fun, action-packed events and we want to make sure everyone is safe.   
Special Needs:  we want all our guests to have a blast at a kiddywampus party!  We welcome all children and will do our utmost to help them have a fantastic experience.  If your child has special needs (or if you know guests in your party have special needs), please let us know at the time of booking so that we may accommodate as much as possible (some possible options might be extra transition time, more or less physical stimulation through games, and managing the volume in the room -- and we welcome your ideas and tips!).  While our staff members are not trained special education teachers, we've been hosting parties at kiddywampus for 10 years and have lots of experience with what may work best.  If you feel your child would benefit from a visit to kiddywampus before the party, just call us at 952.926.7871 to schedule a time.  You are of course welcome to pop in at any time, but if we schedule a visit together, we can choose a time that the party room looks similar to how it will on the day of your party and that you can meet with a staffperson who can walk you though the party plan from start to finish.  And we can tell you the quietest times to visit, as well!
Size of Party:  
4 Year Old Parties:  The maximum number of kid guests we allow is 15.  There are no exceptions, and larger groups cannot be accommodated.  We want our younger party guests to have a great experience!  Younger kids require additional transition times and support, and most find large parties overstimulating and overwhelming.   The only way to ensure that your guest list stays at 15 kids or under is to invite a maximum of 14 kids to the party (you will be surprised at how many kids are able to attend your child's party -- please do not assume many will decline the invitation!).  If you have a larger group in mind, please think of us next year -- we can accommodate much larger groups for kids turning 5 and up.
For birthday kids celebrating their 5th+ birthday, the maximum number of guests we can accommodate in a party varies by the type of party -- the max number will be listed by party.  If your child would prefer a calmer, more intimate experience, think about keeping the size around 11 kids (the size of our party package).   We love our large parties but they are louder and not a great experience for all guests.


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Read what parents are saying about kiddywampus parties:

"We celebrated our daughter Julianna's b-day party at kiddywampus for the second time.  Everything was well organized, and the children had a lot of fun!!!  Thanks so much to the kiddywampus staff, especially Heather and Maddie." -- Asha

"All the kids (and the parents) had a fabulous time!  I especially liked how you were flexible and able to get all the kids involved.  I believe it was all of our guests first time at kiddywampus.  In speaking with the other parents, they were impressed with the studio, the store and the party.  Out of the handful of places we've held our sons' birthdays in the past, kiddywampus was by far the best.  My husband and I could sit back, relax, chat with our friends, and watch our kids have a great time.  Thanks again for hosting our party!"
"Thank you so much for the experience and for your leadership.  You were great and managed so many young kids with ease and organization. The kids had a great time and many parents have come to me saying that they are eager to sign up for summer classes and other programs.  What a great impact on so many kids.  I am truly grateful." -- Amy
"Just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had today at Parker's birthday party.  Your staff was terrific with the kids and we all had so much fun watching their happy faces (and bad aim) while splattering paint at the wall!  So many of the parents commented on what a fun party it was and what a cute space!!"  -- Lisa
"Just to let you know that we had a great time on Saturday, all the girls and especially the birthday girl enjoyed it. Everything went perfect.  Thanks for all!" -- Angie
"We really had a wonderful time celebrating Caroline's 2nd birthday at kiddywampus! Would do it again in a heart beat!  Thanks, again."  --Megan
"We so enjoyed ourselves at kiddywampus on Saturday! Thank you for your help in setup and clean up so we could focus on the kids and fun! I'm sure we'll see you again soon!"