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For ages 6 weeks - 4 years
New Summer Fun! Our family music class will feature activities for adults and children from babies up through age four. Children of various ages will gain exposure to melody, rhythm, and a wide variety of musical instruments. Every class will include plenty of singing, movement, instrument exploration, children's literature, and hands-on creative play. Experience the joy of creating a musical community this summer!

Class Details: Fridays, June 12 - July 29th, 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM with Caitlin Lucic - $128.00. Classes take place at kiddywampus. 

About Sing Play Learn with MacPhail™ at MacPhail
Through hands-on experiences, young children build musical foundations that prepare them for future music learning and school readiness skills!  MacPhail’s engaging and original “integrated arts” early childhood music curriculum, is taught by MacPhail-trained specialists and features songs, rhymes, stories, dance, instrument exploration and visual art creation.