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What's included: our themed birthday parties are fully staffed from the moment you pull your car up to our store to the time you drive away at the end.  We help you unload and setup, run the entire party including projects & activities, help serve the food, pack it all up at the end and make sure you're able to enjoy the event!

Times:  10:30 - noon, 1-2:30, 3:30-5 on Saturdays & Sundays,weekdays possible upon request

Cost:   $329 for 10 kids (plus the birthday child), additional guests are $10/child

Party length: 90 minutes

Dropoff: Parties for kids aged 3 and under are always with a caregiver; no drop offs are allowed.

Not included: kiddywampus does not provide any food, cake, beverages, or paper products; you may bring in whatever food and beverage you want to serve (no alcohol is permitted) along with the paperware.  Treat bags are not included in the party price and may be added on for the price of the products in the treat bag (we'll make them look cute at no extra charge!).

How to book: Call kiddywampus at 952.926.7871 to book your party.  Check out our events calendar here for general availability; kiddywampus will verify date and time availability at the time of booking.  A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to book the space and you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of the booking.

our themed options:



Our most popular party of all!  Release your inner Jackson Pollock and throw paint against our "magical" giant studio wall...this experience is something you can't do anywhere else!  Throw, splatter and dribble paint to create unique works of art.  Each guest will create two 18x24" action paintings that the guest can take home and frame.  As a special treat, one of the birthday child's masterpieces will be on a 18x24" stretched canvas.   Ages 4 - adult. 

Warning:  this is a messy party!  We use washable tempera paint and cover the kids in white paint shirts and paint socks.  This is the only party we provide invitations for -- so guests know what the activity will be and to dress for a mess.

Come with us to Pixie Hollow, an enchanted place where fairies live!  We'll learn about fairies, create fairy wings, discover our many special talents with Queen Clarion, receive our own pixie fairy and create a special home in which the fairy can live. Ages 4-9 years.

Note:  Can easily be adapted for boys!


Let kiddywampus give your little princess and her friends the royal treatment for her birthday! Your little darlings will transform into modern day princesses with their own personal flare.  In addition to playing some positively princessy games, we will have a fabulous time with a variety of art projects, including a Secret Castle Wishing Box in which your princesses can keep their most treasured wishes and dreams.  Guests can dress for the occasion if they like, as this is not a messy party and no paint is used.  Ages 4-8.

Note:  Boys (Knights!) are always welcome at a kiddywampus princess party!


 Calling all Padawans...inspired by a galaxy far, far away, kiddywampus brings the expanse of the universe to your small Jedi's birthday party.  We'll hone our Jedi skills while playing games and doing art projects inspired by the epic Star Wars series.  Ages 4-8.

Note:  This party is great for girls and boys.


Ahoy maties! Get ready to be piratized, kiddywampus style! From the moment your special birthday lad or lass walks in the door with their pals your little scallywags will get first class treatment - well, for pirates anyway! Pirate art projects, group games and walking the plank complete this adventurous party.  Ages 4-9.

New!  Arty toddler birthday parties 
for ages 12-36 months by Artfulu
(caregiver and child; not drop off)
Offered through Emily Taylor of Artfulu, these toddler birthday parties are specifically designed to accomodate children between the ages of 1-3 years of age.  Children work one on one with their caregiver playing side by side, and at times, collaborating on creative decisionmaking.  It is required that all participants work directly with their caregivers throughout the event.  Materials and themes vary by age.  All projects are "process friendly," meaning that they are designed to emphasize the play of creating.  The "product" is a creative and happy child!  

Themes include:  Wiggle Worms, My Little Garden, Musical Art, Puppet Pals, & Magic Hats/Masks.  Click here for more information about the themes.

Length:   90 minute party (art activities will be during the first 45-60 minutes of the party, leaving 30 minutes for food and gifts.

Times:   10:30 - noon, 1-2:30, 3:30-5 on Saturdays & Sundays,weekdays available upon request

Cost:   $329 for 8 kids (including the birthday child), additional children are not permitted

Note:   Caregivers are active participants with the children at this party.

How to book: Call kiddywampus at 952.926.7871 to book your party.  Check out our events calendar here for general availability; kiddywampus will verify date and time availability at the time of booking.  A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to book the space and you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of the booking.


Would you like to use our space and throw your own party?

 (parties for kids aged 3 and under are always with a caregiver; no drop off parties allowed)

Why should we have all the fun?  Do you love to host parties and are looking for an inspired venue for your next event?  Throw the party of your dreams in our large studio -- the perfect place to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and every other reason to celebrate!


What's included: our big studio, tables and chairs for 20 kids, adult seating for 24

Cost:  $120 for 90 minute room rental (additional 30 minutes may be added on for $50, time must be added on at time of booking to ensure availability); price includes 15 kids, additional kids are $4/child (there is no charge for the adults)


Not included:  this is a room rental only, so the the party, along with all supplies, food or decor are not included


Room Rental Details:  Guests will be greeted by kiddywampus staff and escorted back to the large studio at the start of the party. Studio must be left in the condition in which it was found, with same furniture configuration and clean table tops.  Nothing may be hung from the ceiling or the large grate hanging above the garage door.  No painting on the walls or floor is allowed.  kiddywampus prohibits any activity which it deems dangerous to party guests.  Additional fees will be incurred for any damage to the space.  Parties that extend past the 2 hour rental will be charged an additional $50 per half hour.  Party host is exclusively responsible for supervising party guests and is liable for any damages guests do to property.  Guests must remain in studio and not play in the other rooms of kiddywampus.  Guests must be picked up in the large studio.


 Read what parents are saying about kiddywampus parties:

"We celebrated our daughter Julianna's b-day party at kiddywampus for the second time.  Everything was well organized, and the children had a lot of fun!!!  Thanks so much to the kiddywampus staff, especially Heather and Maddie." -- Asha

"All the kids (and the parents) had a fabulous time!  I especially liked how you were flexible and able to get all
the kids involved.  I believe it was all of our guests first time at kiddywampus.  In speaking with the other parents, they were impressed with the studio, the store and the party.  Out of the handful of places we've held our sons' birthdays in the past, kiddywampus was by far the best.  My husband and I could sit back, relax, chat with our friends, and watch our kids have a great time.  Thanks again for hosting our party!" --Stella
"Thank you so much for the experience and for your leadership.  You were great and managed so many young kids will ease and organization. The kids had a great time and many parents have come to me saying that they
are eager to sign up for summer classes and other programs. 
What a great impact on so many kids.  I am truly grateful." -- Amy
Just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had today at Parker's birthday party.  Your staff was terrific with the kids and we all had so much fun watching their happy faces (and bad aim) while splattering paint at the wall!  So many of the parents commented on what a fun party it was and what a cute space!!"  -- Lisa

"Just to let you know that we had a great time on Saturday, all the girls and specially the birthday girl enjoyed it. Everything went perfect.  Thanks for all!" -- Angie

"We really had a wonderful time celebrating Caroline's 2nd birthday at kiddywampus! Would do it again in a heart beat!  Thanks, again."  --Megan

"We so enjoyed ourselves at kiddywampus on Saturday! Thank you for your help in setup and clean up so we could focus on the kids and fun! I'm sure we'll see you again soon!"